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Saturday, January 28, 2006

And a very happy CNY to all

Before I disappear for the CNY holidays, I'd like to show off the only CNY card I got in snail mail this morning from Quant.

Makes me feel so *special*.

A CNY card for me? In *gasp* snail mail? This is too good to be true.

Yes, I can always depend on Quant for little surprises like these.

I like the message inside. Especially the part about heaploads of cute guys. I like.

This looks a little like the two of us poking our noses into everything =)

Friday, January 27, 2006

For the past 2 weeks

I'd been freelancing in a new place.

The people are nice, friendly.

Ohkay fine. They're all kelakar nak mampus.

And then there's the obligatory camwhore session.

This is my producer Jacie. She gave me a backrub when I had a horrible backache and couldn't even stand up properly. Very nice girl.

Line producer Edwin. I can't not laugh when he's around. He's taught me and immortalized the phrase "hou lan yes ah".

Joe shares my surname. Only, he drives an Evo 7 and he's the heir to his family's empire. Oh, and he has a Powerbook, too.

Wennie is the intern from Penang. Very hardworking girl. But I think she should lose that pose.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Beautiful, he said

Two days ago, we were both stuck in a jam on the way home.

So we got to know each other.

And then he asked if I ever had long hair.

I showed him my IC.

"You should let your hair grow again," said he.


"Because you look beautiful with long hair."

Beautiful, he said.

I smiled all the way home.

Little does he know, he just made my entire month.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Can you guys see this?

I'm blogging from the office on a Mac OS9.

Holler if you see this, yeah?

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Me, you and a bottle of wine

Two nights ago, I was sitting by the lake near my house. With two glasses, a bottle of white wine, great view of the Federal Highway, and Leonard.

Oh, his canggih phone, too.

The phone still managed to show the world what ugly feet I have despite the lack of light there.

And so between the two of us we polished off the wine.

Some Chardonnay something. 2004. White. Yeah, like I really care what it is. I wouldn't be able to tell if you gave me something that costs 5 bucks.

Many things were talked over that night. Career advancement, relationships, people, being silly, music videos. Life.

Leonard couldn't have put it better when he said, "Hey, I don't know what will happen tomorrow. And I don't know if I'll still be here. But if I'm not, I'm glad that I sat here and had wine with you tonight."

I'm glad, too.

What did you do today?

It's been a long time since anyone asked me that.

Thank you.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Exactly 365 days ago

I remember what happened exactly 365 days ago. Do you remember?

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

It's like falling in love all over again

I fell in love when I was an intern back in 2003.

Oh, there were the usual hurdles and shitpiles that I had to waddle past.

It's been more than 2 full years since then. And I fell in and out of love many, many times. At times, I'm so happy that I didn't think it was possible for my heart to contain it all. Other times, all I wanted to was to throw in the towel, sit in a little corner and cry.

I got an email in my work inbox today. Pleasant surprise, it was. Made me fall in love all over again.

This was what I fell in love with 2 years ago. This was what I'd been busy with the first 2 weeks of December.

*I love that mini camwhore. I *heart* her

Sunday, January 01, 2006

2006 already?

On January 1st each year, I've always managed to make the boo-boo of saying things like next year, not really realizing that it already is next year.

Yeah, so anyway.

I haven't had anything planned on my 2006 calendar yet, save for the Oasis Asian Tour concert in February. No, they're not coming here. They'll be in Singapore, which is only about a stone's throw away from here.

*Hint: They'll be in Singapore in February. Coincidentally, I'm born in February...

I have made a new year's resolution:

I need to gain weight.

Never in my entire life have I lost 4kgs in 3 months. And no, I'm still not anorexic yet. I'll let you know when the day comes, alright? So wipe those smug looks off your faces now.

On with it.

I spent a quiet NYE with Tania at Chili's in BSC. And we were so engrossed with our dinner (I had this chicken/prawn/rice/brocolli/cauliflower dish thingy and a beer and a large milkshake) and non-stop coversation that we didn't even notice the first few seconds of fireworks.

We decided to try bumping into friends at the Telawi area after dinner (when the countdown and fireworks were long over) and I was very rduely reminded, with snow spray in my face and silly string trailing down my back, the very reason I never liked Bangsar on the eves of celebrations.

Rascism aside, what is it with Indian guys attacking vulnerable looking girls who are without any male company? Does it look like girls will be turned on if you spray their faces with foam?

No. And I showed some random guy my middle finger while screaming obscenities at him. Surprisingly, I wasn't the only doing so. Tania looked like she would've punched this other guy if she caught on with him.

Perhaps I've had enough with street parties/celebrations/snow-and-silly-string fests on eves of holidays. Or perhaps I'm just an old fogey.

Perhaps I'll just spend quality time at home with my telly 364 days from now.

PS. My parents were attending a cousin's wedding in Kuala Kangsar and left me in the dark, thus, putting my plans to have dinner with them into the bin when dinnertime came and went and I realized they aren't gonna be home. Sigh.