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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Me, you and she

Me, you, she, we make three.
Late nights, early mornings, endless chatter.
Rescue missions, countless drinks, shopping trips.
Guffaws of laughs, troughs of tears.
Reasons for giggles, fun in three-fold.

If ever a day comes when you forget,
I want you to know
Me, you, she, we make three.

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Thursday, February 10, 2005

I Feel Good

I've decided to compile a feel-good list. For fun. Really. So here's a list of stuff that makes/made me feel good.

  1. The way my whole body aches after a day's work.
  2. The way my niece smiles at me.
  3. Hearing from someone I haven't seen in a long time.
  4. My mum shoving glasses of disgusting juice down my throat.
  5. Giving way to a wailing ambulance during a massive jam.
  6. Helping a blind man find his way.
  7. Watching furry puppies fall asleep on my lap.
  8. Receiving nice SMSes.
  9. Bitching sessions.
  10. Walking out of weekend celebrations with light steps.
  11. Listening to a really nice song on the radio in a jam.
  12. Finding out someone out there has the exact same sentiments as you do about certain matters.
  13. Giving my grandmother an angpow for the first time.
  14. Getting something through snail mail.
  15. Waking up in time to watch the sun rise.
  16. Listening to the poofs of fireworks even though I can't see them.
  17. The way people smile when they say thank you.
  18. The fact that hugs are never one-way.
  19. Laughing over everything and nothing.
  20. The fact that the best things in life are always, always free.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Dance in the wind

A few years back, I went by the nickname Wind Dancer in chatrooms. I thought it was cool then.

Today, I spoke to a friend online and it was only then that I realized the significance of the nickname I went by for years. I discovered that it was no sheer coincidence that I had chosen that nickname, nor was it just a name that sounded cool.

To dance in the wind isn't something that words can't describe. It's a little like being a dandelion seed. To be able to go where the wind brings me, to change directions at unexpected moments, to lie still when the wind dies down, to be picked up again and begin yet another dance...these are the moments when all complexities in life are narrowed down to being a dandelion seed.

Perhaps I will land on solid ground one day. Perhaps that will be the day I dance in the wind for one last time. Perhaps in my final stop, I will stay rooted and a dandelion seed I will be no more.

But today, I celebrate my dance in the wind. I celebrate being a mere dandelion seed, I celebrate life.