Just call me Saffron, will you?

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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Girls watch World Cup, too

I'd been busy, yes.

What with work, and end of semester in school and the World Cup.

Scoff if you want. I am, after all, a girl.

But then again, I'm probably a girl who's been watching football a lot longer than you have. And my football vocabulary might be a tad bigger than yours. If you'd like to know, no, my favorite player is not Fernando Torres or (ugh!) David Beckham or someone equally poster-boy.

I still do the occasional girly thing when I see closeups of players I happen to like on screen. But, yeah, that's just about it.

My team?

The Azzurri.

PS: Shut up if you think I'm supporting the team just because they're in the Finals/the players are handsome and Totti is to-die-for. You're not worthy of my time =)