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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Dear all

I wish you enough.

Happy New Year.

*Happy birthday Terrence

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Goodbye December

There is always something about December that makes me happy, makes me sad. Something that I still can't manage to put a finger on.

December makes the eyes blind and the heart see.

December always leaves me with a bittersweet aftertaste in the mouth.

December always starts slowly, and ends really quickly.

December to me, like millions of other people, is a month of reflections, a month that puts a closure to all things good and bad in the year that had been.

In my opinion, all months should be the same, up or down. What is it about December that sets it apart from all the other months? Why should it be special, you ask?

For starters, December marks the month that I had started off without Josh. Come December, I began that dreaded solo flight, one that I never wanted to be ready for.

December, I stand on my own, I stopped going for late night visits to the park to sit on the swings.

December, I broke that promise I made so long ago, when things were good, when he still held my hand as we walked down that endless road that was lit by eternal sunshine but led nowhere.

December, you held me close and asked how I'd been doing. I didn't think it was necessary to have told you the truth. It wouldn't really matter anyway, would it?

December, I embarked on a journey that paved my career path with the who's-who in my field of work.

December, I can't stand that suffocation, that choking familiarity that everything that should've been mine, just aren't mine anymore.

December, I laughed with gusto, I wept with longing.

December, I share with an old love, not quite forgotten, but impossible to reignite.

December, let the year come to a proper closure. Let December come to an end and make way for a fresh start.

December, I miss you.

December, I love you.

Goodbye December.

Merry Christmas, everyone.

Picture courtesy of Quant

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Christmas in Kiasu-land

I told you I'd come back.


I even brought pictures back *giggles*

Quant and I had decided to go away for Christmas. Last minute. So there was a mad rush in getting train tickets and booking the hotel. But all was well.

Behold, my grand escapade to Kiasu-land.

I would've really liked this picture except that there's this kelefeh in the background who couldn't really stand our camwhoring skills. Our seats were just...boards. Ick.

Moments before arriving at the Woodlands Checkpoint. I look really happy here you see. But I haven't slept at all.

While waiting for about a million other people to get past the checkpoint. I put on my Heidi/ Santarina hat, much to the envy of a couple of pre-school kids.

Toufoo marinated in garbage juice. Ha ha. It didn't taste as bad as it stank, actually. I had a couple of pieces and I'm still walking.

There was a time when we lived 10 minutes away from each other. It was good to see him in Singapore.

When we were all still dewy fresh and snap-happy along the stretch of Orchard Road on Christmas Eve.

Quant had a cuter hat which she paraded around Orchard in. Too bad it got ruined that night.

It looks like our tongues are touching. Eww.

Even guys look good with cute hats. Ha ha.

It snowed in Orchard minutes before midnight struck. It really did. I swear.

I *heart* this picture. All dishevelled and covered in mock-snow. Still snap-happy.

The evil Malaysian in me had traipsed all the way to Singapore to show them what vandalism is.

I was walking really slowly. Slower. Slower. Until I refused to walk. Completely. So I asked for a piggyback ride. And I got a ride home. Yay~

I was here the next day after meeting up with my aunt for lunch. My aunt says most Filipino maids are here on Sundays. Plus, it's Christmas. The graffitti isn't there anymore. Dang.

I think these guys were cool. They were making layan music. Look how unaffected they are by the hustle and bustle in the subway on Christmas Day.

Outside in the streets, there were carollers. And there was this other guy, some lead singer something. He was horrible.

I just had to do the touristy thing. See, I was there.

We did the touristy thing and went to the Night Safari. We were afraid. So afraid.

Posing maut is good. Posing maut is very good.

The evil Malaysian in me strikes again. Show them Singaporeans how to break away from monotony. Hah.

Elephants stink. They do.

We saw the real hyenas but they weren't laughing. So we had to settle for the...um...fake ones.

*So malas to write. But at least I get to show off my pictures *cackles*

Friday, December 23, 2005

I will come back

I know. I know. I said goodbye.

But put it this way. Goodbye's forever. How do you say goodbye to something that's a part of you?

Not possible.

I'll come back soon.

I promise.

With pictures *huge grin*