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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

It's like falling in love all over again

I fell in love when I was an intern back in 2003.

Oh, there were the usual hurdles and shitpiles that I had to waddle past.

It's been more than 2 full years since then. And I fell in and out of love many, many times. At times, I'm so happy that I didn't think it was possible for my heart to contain it all. Other times, all I wanted to was to throw in the towel, sit in a little corner and cry.

I got an email in my work inbox today. Pleasant surprise, it was. Made me fall in love all over again.

This was what I fell in love with 2 years ago. This was what I'd been busy with the first 2 weeks of December.

*I love that mini camwhore. I *heart* her


  • The mini camwhore very cute and sweet.

    I wouldn't mind having a daughter that cheeky.


    By Blogger kensei, at 9:28 AM  

  • julianzz`> she has a twin =)

    By Blogger Shavain, at 11:56 AM  

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