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Friday, January 27, 2006

For the past 2 weeks

I'd been freelancing in a new place.

The people are nice, friendly.

Ohkay fine. They're all kelakar nak mampus.

And then there's the obligatory camwhore session.

This is my producer Jacie. She gave me a backrub when I had a horrible backache and couldn't even stand up properly. Very nice girl.

Line producer Edwin. I can't not laugh when he's around. He's taught me and immortalized the phrase "hou lan yes ah".

Joe shares my surname. Only, he drives an Evo 7 and he's the heir to his family's empire. Oh, and he has a Powerbook, too.

Wennie is the intern from Penang. Very hardworking girl. But I think she should lose that pose.


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