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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Goodbye December

There is always something about December that makes me happy, makes me sad. Something that I still can't manage to put a finger on.

December makes the eyes blind and the heart see.

December always leaves me with a bittersweet aftertaste in the mouth.

December always starts slowly, and ends really quickly.

December to me, like millions of other people, is a month of reflections, a month that puts a closure to all things good and bad in the year that had been.

In my opinion, all months should be the same, up or down. What is it about December that sets it apart from all the other months? Why should it be special, you ask?

For starters, December marks the month that I had started off without Josh. Come December, I began that dreaded solo flight, one that I never wanted to be ready for.

December, I stand on my own, I stopped going for late night visits to the park to sit on the swings.

December, I broke that promise I made so long ago, when things were good, when he still held my hand as we walked down that endless road that was lit by eternal sunshine but led nowhere.

December, you held me close and asked how I'd been doing. I didn't think it was necessary to have told you the truth. It wouldn't really matter anyway, would it?

December, I embarked on a journey that paved my career path with the who's-who in my field of work.

December, I can't stand that suffocation, that choking familiarity that everything that should've been mine, just aren't mine anymore.

December, I laughed with gusto, I wept with longing.

December, I share with an old love, not quite forgotten, but impossible to reignite.

December, let the year come to a proper closure. Let December come to an end and make way for a fresh start.

December, I miss you.

December, I love you.

Goodbye December.

Merry Christmas, everyone.

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