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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

To beat the haze

I have the perfect remedy.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Hardcover. All mine. Eat your heart out.

*skips around in glee while clutching book to chest*

You see, I'd been wanting this book since, like, forever. But considering that I'm perpetually penniless, I'd been meaning to set up a fund for it. Besides, HBP will only be available in paperback sometime next year, I was told. I was thinking of waiting for it.

And then.

Josh took me out to dinner last night and bought it for me.

I was squealing a lot. I was grinning like a buffoon. I swear that gap between my two front teeth had never got that much exposure in one night.

It dawned on me why he was insistent on going to MPH after dinner. And it dawned on me why he kinda disappeared for a while when we were in there.

I felt a little guilty because it was only before dinner that I was telling him about how I'm halfway through the ebook already and how I'm planning to buy the real thing later. And right after he rang up his purchases, I was pulling a long face because I found out that the paperback edition will be available only next year.

And then he said to me.

"Hardcover also can read mah, right?"

So being the donkey I was, I started on how I have everything else in paperback and blahblahblah.

"Then should I go return the book and make you wait?"


I love it when he springs surprises on me.

*sighs contentedly*


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