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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

2 weekends ago

I'm back, I'm back *skipskipskips*

Was in JB 2 weekends ago to shoot MMDS JB. It had been a lot of fun. Weather was awesome. I had a hotel room complete with a double bed, TV, bathtub and a view...all to myself. Yes, yes. You may all eat your heart out. Right about...now.


So anyway. While everyone were busy with preparations for MMDS JB, I was lounging around in the hotel doing thingsthatarefrownedupon.

Like this, for instance. Finger's not mine. Big finger courtesy of Jon. Picture courtesy of Yu-Ming.

Then Jon took a similar picture of Yu-Ming. And it looked like YU-MING HAD A REAAALLY BIG eye.

Then I took a picture with Geoff. Don't be deceived by that boyish grin of his. He's actually a whole *gasp* decade older than I am.

Yes, yes. The Geoffrey Kronenburg with multiple piercings and a million tattoos. And a penchant to attract homosexual men. Don't ask me why *shrugs*

More picture of MMDS JB right here. Courtesy of photographer Greg.

What? I can't possibly be lugging 2 cameras around right?


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