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Monday, August 08, 2005

I must post

See. I can't leave my blog with the same post on top all the time. I simply can't. So I must post. Even if it's about really, really random stuff. That doesn't concern anyone else. But me. So sue me. It's my blog, anyway.

This is my favorite silly cat. His name is Ilford. He's such a manja baby. Purrs and purrs and purrs and purrs all day. Lazy cat. Chases ants. Which are about the slowest ever insects you can find in the garden. Silly cat. Loves giving me kisses *melts*

Got my long overdue manicure last week. About time. The manicurist was complaining about how my nails are in super bad shape. Cracks here and stains there *shy* But look~it's all nice and shiny and painted now. Yay~


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