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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Of starlight and slitty eyes

I was at Starlight a couple of days ago watching Sepet. I must say, I enjoyed that movie through and through. And despite what Elaine said about the ending...I don't care, I liked it.

So I bumped into Raymond as I drove into the parking lot. He was holding an upside down sign that said "CAR PARK FULL". And a few people drove in anyway. That was only until Raymond held it right side up again. I was watching from afar. Then I skipped over happily and said to him, "Raymonddddddd, Isawwhatyoudidohkay. The sign was

Then I forced him to take a picture with me. For your information Raymond is a very nice boy ohkay. I'm serious.

I chose this picture because the one Josh took of us made me look like I had eyebags big enough to put all my panties in it. I think we both look nice in this one.

And then we had dinner at one of those cute little tables they set in the TGIF area. Tania and Josh had beer. I had water. Mainly because I had to take my medication. And beer so wouldn't go with antibiotics. Then Josh took a nicer picture of Tania and me. His w
ay of redemption I guess.

Josh, if you're reading this, I think you take nice pictures ohkay? You take very nice pictures. You take nicer pictures than I do.

Then he took a nice picture of both of us, too, just to prove his point. In his words, I look really doe-eyed in this one. And it's one of the very rare few without him contorting his features.

"I must pose for pictures ohkay. Cannot is it?"

Whatever ohkay.

See? See? He looks nice when he's not making faces. Eh, wait. I think he's making a face in this one. Dammit.

Tania and I skipped into the movie/lounging with pillows and sleeping bags/cinema area with Josh's tikar. We plonked down right behind this couple who brought pillows and were already getting schmoozy with each other a good 30 minutes before the movie started. Awww...

Try spotting them in the picture. So the cosy man. All cuddly wuddly. I also want.

And then I used my 10x Optical Zoom camera and took a picture of the projector. The projector was actually quite far away from where we set up camp. So you can see why I had to use my 10x Optical Zoom camera. It's quite useful. Really. *burst into fit of giggles*

As most of you who know me would already know, I'm pretty much obsessed with all things related to film and pictures, moving or not.


The movie ends and my cheeks are salty with tears. Somewhere along the trip back to the car I heard Tania and Josh saying I was emo cos I was crying. And then somewhere along the LDP my mum called to ask about my trip to the clinic in the afternoon. Tania and Josh were bickering about something.

I asked them to shut up.

It had been a good way to end a week with. I had a nice time.


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