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Saturday, August 20, 2005

A hop and a skip away

I've been meaning to post up pictures of my trip to Singapore with Jon and Yu-Ming after MMDS JB. Funny how different things can be, just a hop and a skip away.

They're nice pictures. I think. Maybe. I hope.

Armed with my *verysmall* wad of Singaporean Dollars. I felt so grown-up , I'm telling you. It's been far too long since I'd been out of Malaysia.

I was made to take this picture. Jon made me do it. And I had to crouch in the backseat of his Frontier to do it so as to appear completely inconspicuous.

See see see? That's my passport Jon's holding. This is the result of spending the last 8 years of my life cooped up in this country.

One of the first pictures I took when we got to Singapore. Sunset. Funny how it looks different across the causeway.

Those Singaporeans have funny traffic lights. I wonder if the smaller one is for motorcyclists. It looks like a toy.

Back here in Malaysia, pickup trucks are actually used as cars. I think Singapore has the ugliest pickups. Ever. And they carry passengers in the back. Max 10 pax, it said.

The street wasn't all that short actually. What a hoax.

This funny-looking lorry was parked across the road. Notice how small the rear tyre is compared to the one in front? I wondered out loud it'd turn turtle doing a U-Turn. Yu-Ming said no.

In Malaysia, I go to 7-Eleven to buy my cigarettes. I'm not sure what Singaporeans do in 7-Elevens over there. Those things are huge. They have toys. Clothes. Shoes. Souvenirs. They're like boutiques. Weird.


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