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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Land of not that many wonders

See, these are the kind of pictures my mum and dad used to take when we went to Genting. I don't think that seesaw thing is there anymore.

I remember going to Genting when I was a little girl.

I was probably at most 3 years old.

At age 3, everything's exciting, everything's fascinating.

It didn't matter that kids weren't allowed into the casino. Why would I wanna go in there anyway?

Plus, I had a colorful poncho to keep me warm.

This is one of the three pictures we took in Genting. Yes it was in the room. We don't pride ourselves in being original.

I went to Genting a couple of weeks ago with Josh.

I didn't have a poncho to keep me warm, but I was excited about finally being old enough to walk into the casino.

But all the same I had to show my identity card.


And I lost 30 bucks to the slot machine.

Josh lost about 150 bucks.

Maybe Genting ain't that fascinating after all.


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