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Saturday, November 12, 2005


The funfair at the 1 Utama carpark pretty much rocked my socks.

They had this in Sunway Lagoon and they called it the Sky Flyer. I went on it once when I was about 13, I think.

The rides there are pretty pricey, ranging between 2 to 4 tokens per ride (each token costs RM2). But, well, once you're there, I don't think you'll just pay for the RM3 entrance fee and walk around to take in the sights, right?

The ferris wheel was huge. And I can't believe we all forgot to take a ride in it.

So, anyway. I was pretty excited about the Sky Rider thingy. It's like a baby swing suspended on long chains except that it spins really fast. Really fast. Very good. I like.

Josh and Quant were very adventurous. They took a spin (literally) on the Vortex. Mei Mei and I were feeling nauseous just looking at them.

Ohkay, fine. I was actually afraid.

Moving on. There's this one other ride that was just spinningspinningspinning and it gave me a backache. I don't like.

And ohhhhhhhhh. We played bumper cars, too~. I don't remember the last time I played bumper cars, but I figured this is a pretty good way to tame the road bully in me. I was attacking leftrightupdowncentre. Die, you all~

I was bumping everyone in sight. See, bump. Don't see, still bump. I like~


And Elaine, just so that you know you're still my friend, I went on the Challenger. And I did not throw up. You can ask Josh or Mei Mei *grins widely*

To be fair, I was feeling woozy the whole night after that last ride. No good.

I needed to take a breather after the Challenger. I had to swallow my screams.

I have one major gripe.

Why isn't there any cotton candy?

Mei Mei took this picture of us. It's supposed to resemble Winter Sonata. Ha ha.


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