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Friday, November 05, 2004

With Compliments

Living a month off a compliment Posted by Hello

I think it's true that a person can live a month off a compliment. At least, for me it's true. 21 years of age, how many months would that be? A month off one compliment, so that's many, many compliments *smile*

There are some that made me feel like a million dollars, those which I can still remember clearly.

You're so simple, so real.

You have this child-like naivete in you, that childish sense of wonder that makes you fascinated with life all the time.

You're quirky.

There are many, many things that people have said to me over the years that made me feel good about myself (no, I'm not writing everything here in case you guys roll your eyes and go "there she goes again"), and "You're nice" doesn't quite match up to all these compliments that seemingly came straight from the heart.

Compliments can make a person feel good. Compliments can make a person feel pretty. Compliments can make a person feel loved. And compliments let you know that someone's thinking of you.

Perhaps that's the reason why Christmas and New Year hampers often come with a card attached that says "With Compliments" *grin*


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