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Sunday, October 10, 2004


There are some people I know who are simply wonderful inside out. Nice, thoughtful people who make great friends, people who teach me life's lessons...

But somehow, it saddens me that the worst happens to the very same people. Honestly, nice people should never have to go through what they went through.

In a nutshell, their experiences to me are like taking a trip to hell, having a holiday there, coming back for a breather, and then going back to hell again. I practically live in Disneyland compared to them.

For all the shit that they put up with, I'm surprised at how strong they are. It makes me wonder where their inner strength came from, to be able to overcome the stuff that would make me crumble in an instant. They hold their heads up high, and they pick themselves up, dust their knees and move on.

Sometimes, looking at them, knowing that they're the wonderful people they are despite all that happened, I would take a longer look at them, wondering what they were thinking.

I never did get an answer to that, but I would silently salute them for the strength they had to move on.

Yes, I nodded. They are strong.


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