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Sunday, April 03, 2005

In a nutshell

Monday - I had this reshoot for a commercial I was working on recently. Drama-filled. Our talent tripped and fell and skinned his knee and don't ask me how bad the fall was, but I kept digging sand out of his pockets (he's only 8 this year, you see). Wounds cleaned up, we got him all cleaned up and pacified with the help of a can of Coke, we were ready to go. And then as the director was about to yell those three magic words, a sudden realization dawned upon the camera assistant that there was nothing in our tape. So technically, we had a re-reshoot. We took a break for lunch while they figured out what went wrong with the camera/tape. Called up the rental house and another camera was dispatched to us. And then it rained.

Tuesday - Broken Scar gave me free tickets to watch Simple Plan. It was a good show, really. I bet I would've enjoyed it a whole lot more if I actually liked the band. While these teeny boppers filled with teen angst were screaming their lungs out and mouthing the words to the band's songs, I was more than a little interested in the good show that the lighting people had put up for the audience. Blue, orange, pink, yellow, white, red, green...awesome. Elaine eyes were feeding on VJ Utt, and I watched in amusement as kids ran around playing tag. Yes, kids. Average age 15, maybe. Yes, we're old. But it was a good show. Love Me Butch rocked, and Broken Scar looked like he really enjoyed himself, complete with feet-stomping, head-banging, and locks of his long hair plastered on his face occasionally.

Wednesday - I can't remember what happened on that day. Seriously.

Thursday -
Collected my paycheque from the office. Paycut. Again. Shit. Very, very disgruntled underpaid and overworked advertising personnel.

Friday - I went to the funfair. Woohoo~ *sprinkles confetti at you, you and you* Bright lights, weird music, happy families, lots of ridiculous-looking prizes.

Saturday - Celebration, yeah, come on~ Pastor Jebakumar was visiting from India. Very enlightening sermon he delivered. Best storyteller I've encountered in my life. I laughed. I cried. The perfect way to end the week.


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