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Thursday, January 20, 2005

Random Thoughts Bug Me

* I found a mosquito bite on my foot last night.
* My neck and back are in stressed-out knots.
* I need a manicure.
* My Little Monster needs a shower and servicing.
* I've been craving for Swensen's ice cream for 3 days.
* The journey into 2005 feels like a cross-country rally with potholes and bumps past thick brush.
* The puppies have opened their eyes and are afraid of heights.
* I miss my brother.
* Disappointments come in bunches, like grapes.
* Tasha and Alicia are the happiest kids I've ever come across.
* I'm turning 22 soon.
* I'm insomniac.
* My phone inbox is running out of memory.
* My new maid is very courteous.
* I need to trim my bangs.
* My mum bought me a new Bible.
* Hong Kiat says my bag is turning grey.
* The office is freezing cold.
* Some people are bitches to work with.
* I want an iBook G4 before I go back to college.
* I've decided to forgive him.
* We're out of coffee.
* Colette is injured.
* I didn't get to go to Acheh.
* Blogging is becoming a chore.


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