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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

And here are your proper updates...

Poor mummified teddy... Posted by Hello

That was a picture I took sometime last month. See the poor mummified teddy? It belongs to my Art Director, Nick's wife. He kinda tossed it on the table casually the other day and went I just went bonkers.

I just had to take a picture of the poor tortured teddy.

Me and Tania Posted by Hello

Then Tania and I got all narcissistic and took pictures of ourselves during Zoukfest, you see. Tania was all bundled up in nice, warm clothing. And I wanted to be macho and wear an ickle boob tube.

I Wuv You~ Posted by Hello

I couldn't stand the cold anymore, so I promptly zipped up, and Josh took a picture of the both of us. You should've seen the one he took of me and Tania before this one. Outrageous.

Look at that forced smile on his face Posted by Hello

So Tania took hold of the camera and took a picture of me and Josh instead. But *sigh* he just had to not smile...

Sleepy Matt Posted by Hello

Matt's hair is still standing after a whole night out. Pretty impressive, that mohawk, considering he had it done in the morning before Zoukfest, and he came back to crash only at 7am.

*yawn* Posted by Hello

Me, I was all wilted and sleepy. Because Elaine didn't know I was sharing the bed with her so I ended up being squashed to a little corner, like 1/8 of the bed , and she was rolling over happily the whole night.


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