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Saturday, March 26, 2005



- We're all watching Dexter's Laboratory in the office on a Saturday morning
- The printer's not working properly, therefore I should make myself look busy by typingtypingtyping
- It's been a horrible, horrible month for me
- I've so been wanting to blog properly but Mum forgot to pay the internet bill
- I haven't bought anything for Boe's birthday party tonight
- A whole bunch of pictures taken during Zoukfest are staring at me forlornly, seeming saying "BLOG DAMMIT, JOY, BLOG, WILL YOU?!"
- The air conditioning in my Little Monster finally broke down, reducing me to a skinny unidentified mess of pespiration each time I drive
- Watched the commercial I did for Canon Beijing the other day, spelt D-I-S-A-P-P-O-I-N-T-I-N-G
- I went to this wedding dinner, met a whole bunch of people whose names I've already forgotten
- Outback Jack is highly enjoyable on a slow day at work
- Little boys are a lot of fun to work with, seriously
- I've been told that I've put on a bit of weight, YAY *sprinkles confetti at everyone in sight*
- It's Easter Sunday tomorrow and guilt is starting to set in
- Capoeira classes are on my to-do list next month

Sothere'smyreallyquickupdate. IgottagonowcosI'msupposedtolooklikeI'mworking. Byebyeeveryone,loveyouall.


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