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Saturday, March 11, 2006

In no particular order

I'm posting up pictures because I'm lazy.


So I was at the Asia Pacific Videolab the other day.

For post-production.

Kononnya lah, right.

They have all these cool posters at APV, you see. And there's no reason why I should resist taking pictures especially when I have a camera with me.

Mei was emo-ing on the phone. Well, not exactly emo-ing lah. But she was on the phone for about 357976 years so I sibuk-ed around and took a picture or her a la emo movie poster style.

I propped the camera up on one of the many 35mm film cans they have lying around, and set the timer. Struck a pose. Hou lan yes ah. We can do it.

Maurizio took a picture of this while I was trying to entertain myself at the pool table. He said it looks like a cheeky monkey winking.

He also took a picture of me. See? Emo sial. I promise to grin when I get my teeth fixed. I promise.

It was 2am on a Thursday night. There was a grand total of 5 people at the post house, as you can see.

So I camwhore. And I camwhore some more. Sien giler babi. Cis.

They have some pretty cool signages in APV, which I had initially thought were put up just for fun. And then I found out.

See lah, see lah. Damn ghostly right? I told you there was a grand total of 5 people at the post house.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Maurizio Caduto, my Italian director from Milan who still speaks with an accent that makes me go, "Ha? What you say ah?"

See, that's Maurizio with our online editor. Sungguh bergaya nampak.

Ya Hui bought Jami a cake because we all knew that it was his birthday. And since he was so far away from home, we all decided to surprise him.

The birthday boy's 34 this year. Was, and still is one of my favorite directors, ever.

Good morning, Charlie. Ya Hui says she looks fat in the picture. Mei says she has a slight paunch. I think I look...um...not so pretty. So the only reason I'm putting this picture up is because Jami is in it.

I wasn't lying. I really was at APV. For post production.

*rolls on the floor, laughs self to death*


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