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Monday, April 24, 2006

If you get wet, you'll get sick

If you get wet, you'll get sick.

I found this picture online. It made me smile to myself.

If I get wet, I'll get sick.

I know, because you said that to me a long time ago.

I remember that day.

When we were both caught in the rain and I was wearing a white top and slippers and you tried to shield me from the rain, albeit feebly, with 2 hands.

"What are you doing?" I asked as I wiped raindrops from my eyes.

"If you get wet, you'll get sick," you said to me.

"But your hands won't help when it's a storm," I argued.

"Alright," you said, "let's make a run back to the car, then."

I was smiling inwardly then.

Those 2 seconds of your hands over my head felt like a millenia to me.

True, I was still cold and shivering by the time we made it back to the car.

But I remember till today, that if I get wet, I'll get sick.

Because it didn't matter to you then, that you will be the one who'll be sick if you get wet.

That was such a long time ago.


  • *ahem* If you get wet, get a dick...

    Getting all reminiscing now?

    By Blogger leo, at 11:26 PM  

  • wey you shaddup ohkay. you SHADDUUUPPPPPP

    By Blogger Shavain, at 12:37 AM  

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