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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Random Picture Pt.1

I just felt like putting up a random picture.

*sigh* I miss the eMac. It was practically mine.


  • wah! posing kuat sial! heh heh

    By Blogger meng, at 7:37 PM  

  • actually right, the correct term would be posing maut...huwahahha.

    that picture was taken for a commercial storyboard during recce lah. the lowly PA will always, always be the stand-in =)

    By Blogger Shavain, at 12:53 AM  

  • hahaha, ok ok. posing maut (sial!), hehe. still cracks me up everytime i see that pic. damn good wallpaper. i bet it could cure any bad days.

    what commercial was it for? i was also a stand-in when we did a corp video for this SUTURES co. damn slack. ugh!

    By Blogger meng, at 9:28 PM  

  • it used to make other people in the office laugh more than i did actually.
    i have many more of cheesy pictures like these with really stupid poses, but this one takes the cake. by far.
    was done for a commercial aired in october 2004, long long time ago. of course, they took me out of it. stand in mahhhhhhhhhh.

    By Blogger Shavain, at 12:29 PM  

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