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Monday, December 13, 2004

To my ex-Friend

*I'm too chicken to say all these things to his face. So I wrote a letter to him*

Dear you,

I've heard somewhere that with age comes wisdom. Apparently, that didn't apply to you.

You should know very well that if you ask people for favors, you are expected to return them one day when favors are needed. The favors you have asked from me have taken up my time, energy, hours of sleep, brain space, and money. You have unwittingly caused a strain in my friendship with someone I really care about. You have criticized my work to no end because you think yours is a lot better.

You know what? With all honesty, I've never liked your work. Not only are they highly "abstract", as you put it, they are also stuff that loads of people will never bother to understand. Simply because they don't find it worth their time.

If you introduce me as a friend, do remember to treat me like one. Friends do not take advantage of my resources. Friends do not make use of my contacts. Friends will not push me around. Friends will call up just to say hello and not only when they need my help. Friends do not promise to meet up and then bail out on me. Repeatedly.

Dreams are good. But for your sake (and also age), I think it's time to wake up and smell the coffee. Please grow up.

Oh yes. The next time you ask me to drive out at night alone to meet you again, I hope I'll have enough courage to tell you that you should go fly a kite before I do it.

Your ex-friend


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