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Monday, May 22, 2006

I did it my way


For all the times I wondered what God's plans for me are, it came to me today why He did what He did.

You came into my life as suddenly as you had left, it seemed. Why, why, why God chose to make you walk in, I never understood.

Until today.

Reasons, reasons. Reasons that I could not see. Reasons that made me angry. Reasons that made me cry.

Reasons that were meant to make me a better person.

You came to me when I was down. You came along and drew me out of that shell I sought refuge in. You came and told me things about myself I never knew. You came and taught me to live for now. You came and showed me that it's never wrong to dream. You came and made me love myself a lot more than I did.

So many, so many things I learned from you. So many.

And today I saw exactly what God had intended for me. The plans that had been carefully laid out. The path that he had paved for me to walk on.

I take comfort in knowing that God had sent you to save me when I couldn't save myself.

I take comfort in knowing that you helped shape me into what I am today. Here, still standing.

I take comfort in knowing that no one else will ever come close to what you did for me.

And I take comfort in knowing that it is only I, the one who was once broken and lost, who will love you the way I do. In a way that no one will ever understand.


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