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Friday, March 31, 2006

Elephants can swim

There was a time when I was having an SMS conversation with Chino a few years ago.

And I was interrupted by my Dad saying that elephants could swim.

Like, in the sea.

Because he was watching National Geographic or Discovery or Animal Planet or something.

And I had just missed it.

I speed-texted Chino to share the newfound discovery with him.

His reply was "They memang can la, girl."

I had never felt so cheated in my whole life at that point of time.

What did he mean by they memang can?

I saw Yu-Ming online then and I told him the same thing.

He went "Yah can."


At (then) 20 years old, I wondered if I was the only person in the entire universe who didn't know that elephants could swim.

*flops facedown onto bed and tries to suffocate self*


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