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Saturday, October 09, 2004

Therapy Bag

The Lainey gave me a therapy bag today. Lainey style~~
And what's a therapy bag?
I found a delicious lip-smacking cherry-vanilla flavored lip gloss, a photo frame decorated with strips of gauze ribbons and sparkly sequins, and a few vanilla scented tealight candles in the therapy bag the Lainey handed me.
That was my therapy bag.
There's absolutely no relevance to what I actually need at the moment (which is probably a good slap across my face), but honestly, honestly, it's the thought that really counted. Things are just...well...things. It's the fact that she had me in mind, that she cared about me, that she took the trouble and time out to make me a therapy bag, that really mattered.
Prior to that, she spent hours on the phone with me late at night, just to make sure that I was alright and moving in the right direction. She sent me little SMS messages telling me to be strong, expressing her confidence in me, and basically, little messages to just cheer me up.
Tonight, she came over on a rescue mission.
Her mission was to let me bitch and vent my anger and make me feel better.
Yes, she's very sweet. Yes, she's very nice. Yes, she's very thoughtful. And yes, she handed me the therapy bag as soon as I plonked into the passenger's seat.
I felt better already.
As I sat there in her car, I was happy that I'm blessed with friends like the Lainey, friends like her who cared, friends like her who bothered. I was thankful for the patience she had with me and above all, I was thankful she's there.
I knew then that the best things in life are free.


  • babe..aaaawwwwhhhh too sweet! *hugs* you're 10 times sweeter lah :o)

    i'm glad it made you feel better.
    i'm glad i see that sparkle in your eyes again [just like the sequins!].
    i'm glad i hear your tinkly laughter now.
    most of all, i'm glad you soul has ceased to feel heavy :o)

    *hugs* lavya babe

    By Blogger laineylashes, at 3:50 AM  

  • Thanks Laine~~

    *hugs* Love you too~~ *big big smile*

    By Blogger Shavain, at 1:36 PM  

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