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Monday, February 23, 2004

I confess. I'm an addict. I need to check in to a rehabilitation centre. Soon. Very badly.

Yes. I'm a neopet addict.

Geez. What were you thinking anyway? It's just a harmless little neopet. Or two. Or three...*tum tee tum*...(twiddling my thumbs absently trying to look innocent).

The problem with them is that they're just so...needy, you know? They need to be fed all the time. And they need to be happy; I'll need to buy toys for them to play with. How do I buy toys? Neopoints, the equivalent of money in Neopia. How do I get NPs? Play games~! These games are highly addictive, I'm telling you. And then there are these never-ending quests which I always accept (because they give away "special and rare" items).

I can safely say that I've never paid that much attention to anything before. Can you just imagine how panicky I was this morning when Azalirr, the oldest of the three pets had the Sneezles?? To add topping to my panicky state, the pharmacy didn't stock up on the Magic Cookie which was the prescribed cure when I brought her to the hospital to diagnose the illness~! I was almost tearing my hair out with worry. Almost.

Of course, I have this strange tendency to get myself out of sticky situations. And this wasn't an exception. Azalirr was good as new, but just a tad bit unhappy (more toys for her, people~!).

I'm wondering if this is what happens when I have kids. Hang on. I'll answer that myself. I'm sure it will be 10 times worse. They won't be needing only toys and cures and my time.

They'll need way, way more than that.


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